Paris Through Closed Eyes

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Paris Through Closed Eyes

Duong Thuy, the author of this beautiful Vietnamese romance novel, has done it again. She has produced another novel worthy of being translated into English. It is a best-seller in its original Vietnamese language, and it has been enjoyed by both young and old Vietnamese readers alike. The author, Duong Thuy, has traveled and studied abroad in Europe for many years and is well educated and versed in many cultures other than her native Vietnam.

She has used her experiences to spin this lovely tale of the successes and failures of a young Vietnamese girl, Quynh Mai, who works for a Vietnamese division of a French cosmetics company. The novel goes far beyond being a simple love story. Duong Thuy has cleverly chosen her characters to illustrate the interactions between good and evil, between experience and naivety, and between greed and altruism, thus making the novel a true masterpiece in the psychology of human relationships.

As the story evolves, Quynh Mai, an honorable, naive and kind hearted young Vietnamese lady, is pitted against the forces of jealousy, evil and greed on her way up the corporate ladder. After being bombarded by many successes and failures, both in her career and her love life, Quynh Mai ultimately emerges as an experienced and mature lady, no longer shackled with her naivety of youth. Quynh Mai finally realizes what true success, love and happiness is all about.




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